Auto Insurance

Good Drivers are Responsible Drivers.

Having proper Auto Insurance ensures your independence behind the wheel. From accidents and injuries to hit-and-runs and theft, it’s important to keep your car insured so you’re prepared when accidents do happen.

At General Insurance, we combine premium Auto Insurance with personalized service to give you the best coverage possible. Our insurance specialists will work with you one-on-one to find a policy that keeps you and your drivers protected at all costs – for peace-of-mind driving assurance.

As your trusted source for car insurance, General Insurance offers a variety of coverage and additional protection options, such as:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Diminishing Deductible
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Minor Violation Forgiveness
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Specialty Auto Insurance
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Towing
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • Mexican Auto Insurance
  • Medical Payments Coverage

Why Auto Insurance?

If you’re involved in an accident without car insurance, you’re looking at high out-of-pocket costs, injury liability – even serious legal issues.

Keeping your vehicle insured is simply the responsible thing to do, and it’s an essential financial decision that you can’t drive without. Auto Insurance helps to reduce or cover property damage costs, replacement parts for your car as the result of an accident, medical expenses from injuries, road-side assistance, and much more. Since policies vary with protection options, it’s important to talk to a specialist at General Insurance to create a policy that insures your needs.

They provide car insurance to drivers near Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Berthoud, Estes Park, and Wellington.

Liability Coverage

Ensure that You’re Insured.

If an accident happens, having the right amount of insurance can benefit you personally, financially, and legally. With Liability Coverage, you can be insured if you’re held responsible for a car accident by having any medical payments for injuries sustained to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, as well as bills for property damage covered.

If you become legally liable as a result of a collision, liability also helps to pay for legal defense costs if you get sued.

Components of Liability

There are two main components to Auto Liability: Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability.

  • Bodily Injury Liability helps pay for the costs associated with another person’s injuries, including medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering.
  • Property Damage Liability takes care of any expenses that arise from damage caused by you to another driver’s vehicle or property.

If you’re involved in a serious auto accident, Liability Coverage can benefit you by providing critical protection against the loss of your home, savings, and income. Not only is having liability a good idea, but most states require that drivers have it in order to be legal on the road.

It’s important to have enough insurance to keep all of your assets protected and not all auto policies are the same. Contact a representative with General Insurance today for more information about what Liability Coverage can do for you.

Comprehensive Coverage

Security On and Off the Road.

Your Auto Insurance policy already gives you peace of mind behind the wheel. But more than just accidents happen, and with the right policy from General Insurance, you can make sure that the security of your automobile doesn’t stop the moment you pull into the driveway. Comprehensive Coverage insures your vehicle and equipment against damage and expenses that result from something other than a collision.

At Front General Insurance, we know that life is full of surprises, and with Comprehensive Coverage you can be prepared for all of them. Our team of asset protection specialists can prepare a plan that works for you with a variety of impressive features to insure your car against damages or loss resulting from:

  • Theft or Larceny
  • Vandalism and Glass Breakage
  • Fire Damage
  • Hail, Water, or Flood Damage
  • Hitting a Deer or Other Animal
  • Damage from Falling or Flying Objects

Other Non-Collision Related Services

In addition to Comprehensive, General Insurance also can offer other non-collision oriented services for you and your car, like Roadside Assistance and Diminishing Deductible.

  • Roadside Assistance provides you with advantages like lockout assistance, jump starts, and towing up to 15 miles – all in one convenient package.
  • Diminishing Deductible commends you for being an accident and violation-free driver with an annual credit reward towards your collision deductible.

Choosing A Good Vehicle Insurance Plan

When it comes to buying an Edmonton auto insurance plan, it is easy to be attracted to the lowest possible cost. However, it is important for you to ensure that the plans you are comparing offer the same level of coverage. You are required to understand various auto insurance options, so that you can manage to select the best coverage for your needs. With so many options available, knowing which one is the right fit for your specific needs can be a challenging task.


First, you need to determine exactly what type of insurance coverage you want. This generally involves plenty of different steps. Many states require drivers to carry certain specific types of insurance, and these requirements vary from one state to another. You need to contact your state government in order to figure out what level of coverage you should buy.

Next, you can seek the suggestions and recommendations of a trusted auto shop for reputable vehicle insurance providers in your area. Many auto body repair shops work with insurance providers after an accident, so you can find out which service provider offers the smoothest process after an accident. Some states also maintain a record of insurance complaints with their insurance department. Here you can get necessary information about companies that get the fewest complaints from customers.

In addition to that, you need to look at additional coverage plans to ensure that there is nothing else you will need. For example, people without adequate health insurance must consider opting for uninsured motorist coverage since this can help offset any medical costs arising out of a car accident with an uninsured, or underinsured. People who lease or rent cars may require collision coverage rather than just liability coverage. Make sure that you know exactly what type of vehicle insurance you need before you start shopping for Edmonton auto insurance.

With that said, never select the first insurance company you come across. You need to be able to conduct thorough research regarding all available options, and then make your final decision. You must base your decision on price, quality of service, level of customer service, and premium rates. By making an in-depth comparison, you will not only get an affordable insurance plan, but also a reliable insurance provider.

Word of mouth is usually a powerful means of finding exactly what you are looking for. Ask your friends and family members if they know a trustworthy insurance provider in your area. It will give you the confidence while making your decision, as you may know you can trust them with their recommendations.

Once you know about a few reputable names in the auto insurance industry, it is time to interview them. During interview, you should ask them important questions about their services, and other important details. It is important that you must feel comfortable with the company you choose. Interview will give you the opportunity to know whether or not they are the service you are looking for. Thus, when choosing an insurance company, make sure to keep these aspects in mind in order for you to make an informed decision.

The Importance of Having Commercial and Auto Insurance in St. Albert

If you’re ever in an accident, you’ll be glad you have some type of protection. While it’s important to get enough auto insurance in St. Albert that meets your needs, it’s also important that you don’t waste money unnecessarily. This may seem obvious, but there are numerous factors that affect the amount of money you may pay for coverage. For instance, the amount of protection someone needs for an older vehicle with a few dings as opposed to a brand-spanking new, high-end vehicle will vary. That’s because new vehicles are worth more and oftentimes require costly maintenance and repair work.


Getting full coverage on an older vehicle can also cost you a lot of extra money in the long run. That’s because, the amount you would pay in auto insurance in St. Albert could add up to being more than what the vehicle is worth. Also, if you were in an accident and the automobile was totaled, you could probably get another one for the same amount it would cost to get it repaired. Auto insurance in St. Albert provides discounts for people who are members of certain associations, professions and more. For example, if you’re an instructor or someone with a military background, then you may be eligible for a lower rate. It just depends on what the company has to offer, so be sure you ask to make sure you get every possible decrease in cost.

In the business world, no matter what industry or field you are in, negative encounters are really possible to happen. The saddest part about these happenings or instances is that they are unforeseen, inevitable and could also be beyond the owner’s control and the worst is that when those instances happen, you will never know it until it is too late and the damage has been done. This have been giving most of the growing companies less luck and confidence in running the operations of their business just to get and keep away from business breakdown or even shutdown. Businesses are treated a sole and separate entity to its owners. Since it is considered as a separate entity, chances are given to these companies and businesses through legal protection and that is by engaging into commercial insurance in St. Albert.

Commercial insurance is said and connoted to be the insurance intended for a certain business. Most companies have considered as an essential investment that should a certain company engage in and it is one of the most important things a business owner should do for his business. Commercial insurance is a medium of protection given to a certain business in cases of potential loss and decline due to unforeseen, inevitable and unfortunate state of affairs. Technically, commercial insurance in St. Albert does provide a high level of valuable protection with the diligence of due care to their clients. It is applied for against theft, possible loss, injury, liabilities and even property damages and warranties. A business owner who does not engage his business into a good commercial insurance in St. Albert is obviously and impractically putting his business and his fellow employees into greater risk and potential loss of money.

Choosing the Right Auto Insurance in Halifax

There are ways to protect yourself in case damage or disaster strikes the vehicles that you have in your possession and care. When you are looking to have coverage in case something happens to your autos or the autos that are owned by your business you need to know how to choose the right insurance for that job. You need to find the insurance company that will provide you with just what you need when you need it and all of the right coverage. When you are seeking commercial vehicle insurance in Halifax the company that you choose in regard to that insurance should be able to give you what you need. When you are trying to find the best auto insurance you need to find a company that knows how to deliver that. You need to know what you should be looking for in all of the insurance companies that are out there as you seek to receive the best support

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance:

If you are looking for commercial vehicle insurance in Halifax you need to know that the company that you choose knows how to offer such insurance. The company that you pick out for your insurance needs when it comes to commercial vehicles should know how to provide you with the right help and coverage. You need to find an insurance company that has worked with other businesses in providing coverage for their vehicles and that knows how to give you all of the support that you need. The insurance company you choose for your commercial needs should know what it is doing. If you are seeking the best auto insurance the company that you end up picking should be one with employees who treat you right. The employees that are a part of the company that you rely on represent that company and all that it is. You need to be treated right by the company that you choose. You want to find a company with employees who are helpful and kind. You want the company that you turn to give you good support. Your insurance should come from a company that features employees who will treat you right when they are dealing with you. If you are trying to find insurance for your vehicles you need to find that insurance from a company that offers it to you at a price that works for you. You know how much you can afford to spend on the insurance that you need and the company that you turn to should give you the insurance that is right for you at that price. There are a variety of insurance options out there and you need to find the one that is going to be financially right for you.

When seeking a good insurance company the one that you turn to should provide you with reasonably priced coverage that will work out well for you. When you are choosing the right company for your commercial needs choose one that will treat you fairly.

Why Do You Need An Insurance Broker in Cambridge?

When it comes to discussing the importance of choosing a good insurance broker in Cambridge, there are plenty of vital aspects that need to be taken into consideration. When you are looking to purchase car insurance, you can choose to buy it directly from an insurance company, or you can simply hire an insurance broker to help you get the right type of insurance. There are plenty of benefits that insurance brokers can offer. Not only will you get affordable rates, but you will also be able to save your valuable time. Here are some of the most important advantages of buying your insurance policy through an insurance broker:


It is important for you to understand the fact that an insurance broker works for you, not the company. The insurance broker is not associated with a specific company or its products. The brokers are able to look through a variety of companies and their products to help you find the best deal. They can recommend the best option for you after understanding your specific demands and needs. Moreover, insurance brokers can provide you with the best option out of their large portfolio of different products. On the other hand, banks or insurance companies only offer products from one company, and are therefore more limited.

The fact that insurance brokers are experienced and professional allows them to be aware of the intricate details of various insurance policies and concerned laws. As they tend to deal with a variety of insurance companies offering different policies, they have a better idea of what plan can suit your specific requirements. Moreover, they possess a sufficient amount of experience in dealing with claims, and will be able to guide you through the often confusing and stressful claim process.

When you are looking to find a good insurance broker in Cambridge, it is important for you to carry out an extensive amount of research. The key to finding the right broker is in-depth research and evaluation of all available options. First, you must begin by asking your friends and family members about quality insurance brokers in the area. If they know a reputable broker, they would be more than happy to recommend him. This option is often considered to be the most reliable method of finding a trustworthy professional.

When you are reviewing a few perspective brokers, make sure to do some research on their background. For example, you should have a clear idea of their experience, training, success ratio, cost, and other important things. Also, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with the broker you choose. This is important because you need to let your broker know about certain important aspects of your life so as to help him find an appropriate policy.

Finally, before you buy specific car insurance, make sure to carefully evaluate your specific requirements. It is important to get an insurance that complements your desired purpose. An experienced and quality insurance broker can help you in this regard. As car is an important asset, it is important to make a wise decision.

Insurance broker in Toronto

If you are buying auto insurance in Toronto, do you really need to buy more than minimum coverage? When you buy auto insurance in Toronto on your own directly with an insurer, they are going to try to oversell you on policy needs. But, this is not only with auto, it is with any type of policy that you need to buy when the time comes to get insured. So, why should you do this on your own, or overpay for coverage you do not really need? When you rely on a top insurance broker in Toronto, you can avoid this over payment and over insurance coverage purchase, as you are dealing with a trained professional in the field.

Even though you are going to be paying the insurance broker in Toronto for their service, it is well worth the low monthly price you are paying them for the help they provide in finding insurance coverage. In addition to negotiating on your behalf, a broker knows what you really need; so, if an insurer tries to oversell you, they are going to know what to say and how to approach the topic so as to ensure you are only going to pay for the level of coverage you need when shopping for a policy.

It does not end here however. Brokers also have professional relationships with top insurance companies. Since they deal with them daily, the broker is better positioned to negotiate and get you an even lower rate. So, they are going to do the hard work, they are going to compare insurers and quotes, and will compare the level of cover you need. From there, they are then going to negotiate even further, to ensure you are only paying for what you require, and to ensure you are truly finding the best possible price points for the coverage you are going to buy.

A broker will also make sure you get coverage from the right insurer, based on the coverage needs you have. So, they will shop around to find the right level of cover, they will work to find what you need, and will work to find you better deals. If you bundle or need to buy more than one type of policy, they are also going to find which insurer is best prepared to offer you the best coverage as well as lower rates, prior to deciding on the type of and amount of coverage you should purchase from that insurer.

Even though you do pay for their work, the savings you will notice are well worth that low price you are going to be paying the broker for the work they are going to do on your behalf. And, it is also a good way to ensure you are not buying more than you have to, and that you are always fully protected through the top insurer, when you are working with a great local broker when the time comes to buy auto or other types of insurance policies.